My Setup

This is where I work! The entire setup was created from scratch, including the computer. For the monitors, sometimes I use landscape, and sometimes portrait. But usually, I have the middle ones landscape and the sides vertical. Why do I need so many displays? So I can code, debug and browse the web all at once!

Built as part of StudentRND Labs 2013, this robot runs four programming languages simultaneously in order to maintain communication with cell towers and the various computers on board. Using Java, Python, C, and C++, the onboard pcDuino, Arduinos, and router communicate with each other in order to manipulate the robot from afar. The cellphone atop the contraption is for video recording purposes only. I later showcased this robot on my TEDx Talk.

The pictures above were taken at the FIRST Robotics FRC World Championships (2013) in St.Louis. From freshman to junior year, I was a part of team 948 where I helped develop advanced scouting software and programmed the autonomous capabilities of the robot (sophomore year).