Two successful exits

2015 - Tetherball LLC

2016 - Pokeradar LLC

Top 5 at SoHacks June 2014

Trushitha Narla and I created Echoes, an app for Android and iOS that is the equivalent of Snapchat for voice. Sign in, make some friends, record 1-5 seconds of your voice and send it out! More information can be found here.

Private Internet Access API Prize at LA Hacks April 2014

My team of 3 built Netspot, an app that lets users monetize the sharing of their data with others. The app was developed by Me, Ash Bhat, and Adam Syed at the largest Hackathon at the time, LA Hacks (hosted in UCLA).

1st Place at HSHacks (Facebook/Parse 2nd Place API Prize) March 2014

My team (of 3) and I won HSHacks, the largest high school hackathon ever held in history, by creating an app that syncs notifications between all devices of different platforms. The app was called Sync, built in 24 hours, and supported platforms such as Android, iOS, Native Web, Chrome (extension), Windows, Windows Phone, Pebble Smartwatch, and Google Glass. I was responsible for programming the Google Glass, Windows Phone, Windows, and Android versions of the Sync app. We were awarded the 2nd place API prize for Facebook & Parse, in additional to the overall 1st place win. More information can be found here.

1st Place at Seattle Startup Weekend June 2013

Over the course of a weekend, my team and I developed Red Ride, an app that aggregated ridesharing services such as Uber, Side car, Lyft, and more into one place, making it more accessible to find the best ride. I was the lead Android developer, and worked on creating the Red Ride Android app. More info can be found at

4th Place and Honorable Mention at AngelHack Seattle May 2014

Remember Clippy? From Microsoft Office? Of course you do! Utilizing system overlays in Android, my teammate Ryan Senanayake and I resurrected Clippy from the graveyard of Microsoft Office. Clippy stays on top of any application and displays pertinent information. Through accessibility services and system events, Clippy makes itself useful by displaying contextual information. Clippy responds to: SMS, Missed Calls, Notifications, What you type (ex. helps attach a file), Context (what app you are in), Touch gestures (swipe away to dismiss), Search commands.

Best Application at CodeDay Seattle February 2013

Won Best App at for developing Sidebar, one of my most successful apps. More information can be found on my here.

Best Application at CodeDay Seattle November 2013

Won Best App for creating AirShare, an app that sends files to other devices near you without the user needing to connect the two.

1st Place at CodeDay MEGA July 2012

Lcd Virgo, Eric Lin, and Me

My team and I created Deflection, a 2d Android game where the user must deflect a laser beam(s) using mirrors in order to guide the laser(s) to the target(s).

Best Game at CodeDay August August 2012

Developed a multiplayer desktop Alien Shooter game using Java. Implemented cross platform communication over LAN, such as automatically finding servers and initiating connections, sharing variables over the network, and more. The objective was to shoot down more asteroids than other players and not get hit by them.

2nd Place at CodeDay April April 2012

Developed Accelerometer Mouse, an app that lets you control your computers mouse using the device's accelerometer.

3rd Place at DogBytes Programming Competition December 2012

3rd Place team (of 2) for solving challenging problems in Java within 2 hours. Hosted at the Paul Allen G. Center at University of Washington.

Most Useful Award at CodeDay Seattle May 2013

Developed Switchr, one of my most successful apps. More details here.